Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anti Bullying

This post refers back to my post on zero- tolerance. In this article it speaks about how anti-bullying legislation is under review in both the senate and the house limiting bullying. Although I agree with the fact that bullying is (and always will be) an issue the second you pull law in it becomes more than an issue.

If legislation is passed that means it is law. The second something turns into law then (in reality) it is zero tolerance. Yes it is up to the district attorney on whether they want to press charges, but from the schools point of view it is zero tolerance.

This is going to turn into something like you son called my son a name so now he is expelled and may face criminal prosecution? That is ridiculous, but that is the only way schools can operate. They cannot go against federal legislation limiting bullying. By taking the power away from the schools the government is essentially saying that bullying is now a crime. Bullying is part of life, life is not always a good thing. In fact if life is always a good thing then you are screwed because you have zero idea how to react when something bad happens. To think that something like bullying is being encroached upon by the federal government is sickening.

Here is a thought, pay attention to your kids! I know that is not going to solve all the bullying issues, but sometimes its YOUR kids fault, not the other kid. People voting for this bill are essentially trying to pull ranks on parents and schools on how to deal with issues. Bullying is such a wide term that to legislate it is going to do more harm than good. Would it do good? Yes, but I don't want my kid going to court or the police station because they get in a fight with someone. Fights happen, bullying happens. This is going to take out the common sense factor that schools have now (not that they use is) to punish children as they see fit.

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