Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cant believe I didn't bring this up!

Ok so this will be a short post, but I cant believe I didn't bring this up when I first heard about it. A Boston woman recently sued her realtor for not stating that the person below the condo she was thinking about buying smoked. She sued him for $405,000. The woman had been in the condo on multiple occasions and smelt smoke, but still bought it anyway. Despite the fact that personal freedoms are going to hell in this country it is still a condo owners right to smoke in their own condo. If this woman had an issue she should have gone to the condo owner. In this case she did and the owner reiterated that he was following all building codes and regulations.

I found out today that this woman lost! It was not the decision I thought was going to come from this case and I am very happy at the Suffolk District Court members who reached this decision in less than an hour.

This is America! People are allowed to smoke in their own homes. IF you dont like it dont live there.

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