Tuesday, February 16, 2010

its not a sex addiction...its called cheating on your wife!

So I was reading a story on Tiger Woods and his sex "addiction" Pretty much the story said that sex addition is this huge thing that people don't understand, but its a disease that needs to be treated. BULL CRAP. Look everything isn't a disease. Becoming addicted to something (cigarettes, crack, sex, the internet etc...) is not a disease. Lets get that straight right now. Now that doesn't mean that I dont think the body is a powerful force to be reckoned with when it comes to addiction. If your body becomes used to something and it wants to continue getting that something its going to try its darnedest. But if you want to you can beat addiction. Some people need medicine, but some people don't and there is the distinguishing factor. Addiction can be defeated solely with free will. That to me isnt a disease or a condition. Its a lack of that free will to take the step to stop what you are doing.

I lived with a hard core alcoholic for the majority of my life and it was the most annoying thing knowing that he could stop drinking for long periods of time but always started up again. Dude if you want to stop then stop....it really is as simple as that. Again not saying the act is simple, but its a matter of knowing what you want and going and getting it. Take some responsibility for yourself and your body and make the change that you want.

So this brings me back to Tiger. A sex addict...are you serious? Watch this...ready im gonna make the problem disappear... keep it in your pants!! Wow look at that, I solved your problem! The thought that someone is so taken by the thought of sex that it drives them to just hump everything that moves is silly to me, but i will buy it. What I can't buy is that happening,but someone having enough sense to cover it up or lie about it. Thats not a sex addiction.. its called cheating on your wife.

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  1. I like that you conceeded here that some people need medication to cope with an addiction and some people don't and that people can be addicted to just about anything. But you're right: the bottom line is, no matter what you're addicted to, if you just take responsibility for how you're feeling and what you're doing and act to stop it if its hurting yourself an others, then you're fine. If can help yourself but don't, why should I be sympathetic?

    Plus, the sad thing is that there ARE people with very serios sex addictions, its not a made up stupid thing, but people like Tiger just pull that out of their asses when they get in trouble. Then they go to rehab for 6 wks, come out, and are "fine". Ridiculous.