Friday, August 19, 2011

When did having a personal opinion become a crime

This Florida teacher is currently facing possible termination from a PUBLIC high school for comments he made regarding his belief that gay marriage is an abomination....When did it become it a crime to have an opinion?

This teacher is a teacher-of-the-year winner and have a 100% clean record. His opinion has not been uttered in the classroom, he made a comment on HIS Facebook page. Just because someone doesn't agree with this teachers opinion (myself) doesn't mean that his First Amendment rights can be violated.

It seems like people are forgetting that the First Amendment covers all speech, regardless of what people think of the statements. It amazes me that this is even a possibility, the school system has no right to fire him. This is a publicly funded institution and for them to take a stand against freedom of thought is absolutely appalling.

Whats next? I believe in owning a gun so I get fired? I don't like polygamist so I get fired? I believe in God I get fired? People need to see how dangerous this way of thinking is. This is not a question of whether or not his opinion is correct, its an issue of the government being able to DECIDE what is right. Unreal

Monday, August 8, 2011

College campuses and gun owners

Today I read this opinion article on I really wanted to right a response to it, so here I go.

The idea that fully licensed gun owners cannot conceal and carry on campuses is completely ridiculous. This is the same argument pro and anti gun people have had since the begining. How is a rule like people cannot carry a weapon on campus going to stop those that are willing to shoot people? It's not because they do not care. If someone is willing to shoot another person for no reason they certainly don't care about breaking this rule.

As for those kids who drink too much and then go waving a weapon around then that's a problem. However there is already a precedent for that, arrest them, charge them and remove their permit to carry. I mean the rule is already in place to deal with that issue. Gun owners do not want their permit to be removed and will not go waving it around like crazies.

This guy is saying lets just prevent those who are licensed from carrying, how does that teach you anything? When you get a permit you accept certain rules, you mess that up you go to jail,I do not see the issue.

The bigger problem in this whole thing is getting people to follow the rules, that's easy just enforce the already standing laws. If a person waves a gun, gun and person go downtown. This is why you have all these crazy things happening at colleges, apparently they operate outside the law. The college campuses have a responsibility to enforce the rules.

I don't understand why its different if you are under 21 and get caught drinking on campus vs off campus. Sure the campus has rules and they should be followed, but if a kid break the law report him/her thats pretty easy.

Many people will say this is a black and white outlook, well yes it is its called the law. Kids will continue to drink, I certainly did despite being at a military school where I would get demerits and extra duty. But if they are dumb/unlucky enough to get caught well thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Gun owners aren't the issue, law breakers are. Proceed accordingly.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Can't have politics without compromise, in fact you can't have much

The US government works mainly on one principle, compromise. Senators and representatives are elected by the people, to represent the people, but that doesn't mean that gridlock needs to happen on every issue.

The problem right now is pansy ass liberal leadership and a conservative group that is so full of Tea Party ass-hats that the country cannot work. First I will address the less evil of the two, the pussy ass liberal leadership.

Why is Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America the one that has been carrying out negotiations with the GOP leadership? Easy because Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the liberal leadership are to weak to say anything. The President should be the last line of defense in this, not the go to guy.

The main issue with the Congress right now is the Tea Party. The Tea Party are ridiculous. How do they expect anything to get done if compromise is not part of the story? By continuing with an all or nothing approach they have successfully prevented the government from doing it's job. I understand the thought process behind "representing your constituents", but are you going to tell me that all the people who voted for you are so black and white in their thought process? No they aren't, Tea Partiers you were elected to represent all people in your state, not just those who agree with the way you think. You are effectively throwing the entire country into all these issues because if the rest of congress doesn't play by your rules then you are going to take your ball and go home....fuck yourself.

And this is from someone who doesn't think raising the debt limit all the time is the answer and supports a constitutional amendment requiring the US Government to balance their budget. You need to compromise, not because it's the right thing to do, but because it's your FUCKING JOB