Friday, August 19, 2011

When did having a personal opinion become a crime

This Florida teacher is currently facing possible termination from a PUBLIC high school for comments he made regarding his belief that gay marriage is an abomination....When did it become it a crime to have an opinion?

This teacher is a teacher-of-the-year winner and have a 100% clean record. His opinion has not been uttered in the classroom, he made a comment on HIS Facebook page. Just because someone doesn't agree with this teachers opinion (myself) doesn't mean that his First Amendment rights can be violated.

It seems like people are forgetting that the First Amendment covers all speech, regardless of what people think of the statements. It amazes me that this is even a possibility, the school system has no right to fire him. This is a publicly funded institution and for them to take a stand against freedom of thought is absolutely appalling.

Whats next? I believe in owning a gun so I get fired? I don't like polygamist so I get fired? I believe in God I get fired? People need to see how dangerous this way of thinking is. This is not a question of whether or not his opinion is correct, its an issue of the government being able to DECIDE what is right. Unreal

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