Friday, May 27, 2011

Damn you Patriot Act

I found this map while on the Cato Institute website. The Cato Institute is " a public policy research organization — a think tank — dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace. Its scholars and analysts conduct independent, nonpartisan research on a wide range of policy issues." In other words a libertarian think tank.

Check out this map right after 2001 and look at the spike in questionable and constitutionally appalling police activity. We have laws for a reason, but the USA PATRIOT ACT makes it seem like the ends justify the means. They don't!

This map really blew my mind!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How did you get to be a state legislator?

MW found this article earlier today and posted it up on Twitter. When I read it my first reaction was simply, how did this guy get to be a legislator?

"During the House's debate, Rep. Pete DeGraaf, a Mulvane Republican who supports the bill, told her: "We do need to plan ahead, don't we, in life?"

Bollier asked him, "And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with a pregnancy?"

DeGraaf drew groans of protest from some House members when he responded, "I have spare tire on my car.""

Pete DeGraaf you are a dumbass. Saying that people need to plan ahead for rape is like saying that people should wear a bullet proof vest at all time to prevent themselves from getting shot. How could you possibly be in the state legislature? Your job is to help run the state of Kansas!?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thats funny I thought there was something called FREEDOM OF RELIGION?

San Fransisco YOU FUCKING SUCK!!!

In what mixed up country do you think that you have the right to even vote on a freedom of religion question?? FREEDOM of religion!

You self righteous pieces of shit don't have a right to have a say in the private religious and health practices of law abiding US citizens

Very rarely do I support Massachusetts legislation, but thank God this got beat down before it even made it into the legislature here

Breaking news!!

Breaking news! Congressional leaders have agreed to a four year extension of the USA PATRIOT ACT

NO GOOD AT ALL! This piece of legislation has ZERO regard for private liberties in the United States!

Please call/write your senators and tell them to repeal this legislation!!!

Preparing for a zombie apocalypse, CDC style

You want to talk about a great way to get people to take a look at your website? Post something about what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse!

The CDC today posted a what to do in a zombie apocalypse blog post on their emergency preparedness and response website. It was a fantastic way to draw attention to a very important website!

Not many people, especially 20-30 years olds (besides myself, I have it as a favorite) think about preparing for emergencies before hand. It's very easy to not think about it at all, until it happens. This is a great way to get the important idea of preparedness out into the younger crowd!

CDC was trending earlier on Twitter, I wonder how much they upped their traffic today?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just a funny comic

This was just a funny comic and who doesn't want to see a funny comic on Monday morning?

Friday, May 13, 2011


I mean wouldn't you have porn if you had been in hiding since 2011?

I am ecstatic at the result of the SEAL team raid on this fortress, but that doesn't mean it should still be front page stuff on CNN. How is this guy able to disrupt life even when a SEAL put a couple bullets in his stupid face?

Wet interesting option

Last month I read a story about a wet-house

and I have been tossing the idea around in my head for a couple of weeks now and I think its an interesting option...

A wet-house is sort of the other side of the coin from a dry-house. A wet house is a community house that allows alcoholics to drink. At first the thought goes against everything we have been raised to think, but lets break it down.

A wet-house provides a place for alcoholics, many of them homeless. to go and stay. The person is given a stipend of 89$ per month to do with what they will, including buying alcohol. The issue that some people have is this is partly financed by the taxpayers, with the rest being financed by Catholic Charities. It seems very odd that someone would be able to spend taxpayer money on alcohol, but lets think think it through for a second.

The amount of money paid to the residents of St Anthony's residence in St. Paul Minnesota is 89 dollars per month. There are approximately 60 people taking advantage of this service.

$89*60 people=$5,340 per month

$5,340*12 months=$64,080 per year

Yes 64,00 dollars a year is a lot to you and me. However in the United States a hospital cannot refuse care to any patient, regardless of their health care situation (which is the way it should be) How much money do you think is spend every year in illness and injury due to homelessness? lets take a look (the below information was found at and belongs to them)

"A University of Washington research team studied a group of 95 chronically homeless alcoholics and found that in one year, they cost taxpayers more that $8 million in hospitalizations, detox centers and incarcerations.

When the same group spent one year in Seattle's Housing first program-- residences where they are allowed to drink--the same group cost $4 million in taxpayer money." (This study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association)

This is a simple math equation here guys. If it is cheaper to have houses where they can drink, then thats the way to go. They cannot get better until they decide to, which is the truth no matter where they live. Why wouldn't we at least give them a place to live??