Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swat called in due to rifle...o wait its an umbrella

This is what a rifle looks like
This is what an umbrella looks like
How do you fuck that up? Today the SWAT team was called in because someone said they saw a person with a rifle....turns out it was an umbrella.

I wonder what the cost to tax payers is because some moron doesn't know the difference between a rifle and an umbrella is.

This is what it actually looked like. Rifle no way, samurai sword on the other hand....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A rule applies to everyone, not just people that look different.

It seems odd to me that people want procedures put in place to help with security, but then get upset when said procedures are followed. This story ,about a 6 year old receiving a pat down by a TSA scanner, is very hot on the internet at the moment. Why are people upset about this?

So what if she is 6 years old? Terrorists don't care if they a 6 months old or 60 years old. There was an issue with the original body scan (I have read conflicting reports on whether she went through a scan or the parents opted out of the scan) so the next point in the procedure is the pat down. Where is the issue? It is done with the parents present and is over quickly. If you don't this to possibly happen to your child than don't fly. Flying isn't a right people, there are rules. If you do not like the safety rules (which everyone wanted beefed up after 9/11) then don't fly simple as that.

You can't have it both ways people. If you want security on planes these are the rules. You can't have that for all the people named Amir or people that have brown skin and not for sweet little 6 year old kid. The only way to do this is a rule that EVERYONE needs to abide by.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Why don't we just elect a bunch of monkeys....at least we can pay them in Bananas

Government Shutdown....
This is a topic that I have been struggling with for the past couple weeks. I knew I wanted to say something about it, but I wasn't sure exactly how I felt.

Let me outline what will happen if the government shuts down (at least so far as I can figure)

-All non essential workers will be furloughed and sent home until the government restarts.
They will keep their jobs, but will not be paid
-Non essential versus essential will be determined by the individual agencies following some "guidelines" from the feds
-Essential jobs will continue
Essential jobs include Air traffic controllers, airport security, military and defense, mail
-Non essential jobs will include but not be limited to
Trash men in DC (how is sanitation not essential?), administrative jobs, national parks, passport processing, tax return processing etc.

All of these things I can look at and say ok. Not that I agree with them, but in principle i could see those as essential vs non essential (except trash collection) There were two points that I would like to point out that I cannot fathom or accept as the right way to to things
-Congress will continue to get paid
-other essential jobs, including military families, will not get paid

Those two points are unimaginable to me. The people whose job it is to set a budget didn't do their job and got us into this mess in the first place. Those people will continue to get paid, but those who are doing their job correctly will not get paid? I live paycheck to paycheck, as do many Americans, but those would be the people losing their pay?

Well fuck you congress. Fuck you house of Representatives, fuck you White House. The fact that you cannot pull your heads out of your parties asses and put together a budget is pathetic. This is part of your job, your fucking job! Do your job! Anyone who says bring on the shutdown your are a fucking tool. Thats peoples livelihoods! Thats your Armed service going into harms way and not even getting the shitty pay they did before! Thats your neighbors, your friends and your family so grow up you child

Democrats grow a set of balls. The country is trillions of dollars in debt, you will not get everything you want. Spending needs to be cut, which means programs will be cut. To have so much of my paycheck taken away is ridiculous. I make the money if I want to help people I will.

Republicans there is something called separation of church and state, I would appreciate it if you fucking listened to it. Ideological problems should not be holding up anything. Planned Parenthood is a fabulous organization that helps treat thousands of men and woman across the country who cannot afford the current health care system. Pregnancies are legal, get over it. You want to change that? Your allowed to try, but your concern now is putting forth a budget, not regulating a womans body.

Tea Partiers you are the worst group of asshats I have ever seen. Don't try and call yourselves Patriots, Minutemen, especially don't say you are small government. Compromise doesn't equate to weakness. You can have your ideals fine, but this is the United States of America, not the Tea Party express. You represent your constituents, but they are only a portion of the US. It;s your responsibility to put forth a workable budget, not one that caters to your every want. You aren't libertarians so don't call yourself one. You aren't pro Constitution so don't call yourself that. You are bunch of whiny bitches who want to take their ball and go home because someone wants to play different rules at kick ball.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How can you not be worried?

So I don't really understand why people are not worried with a 0-5 start for the Red Sox this season. Now granted it isn't the end of the world, thats not what I am saying. Nor does a 0-5 start mean that the Red Sox will not do fantastic this year. But at any point in the year if the sox went into a 0-5 slide, including 2 losses to the sickening bad Cleveland Indians, people would be up in arms.

The fact that none of our starting pitchers have made it through a game (even a short 4-5 innings) without letting up at least 3 runs. That doesn't concern anyone? Why doesn't that concern anyone??

37 runs have been scored against us
Our two best starting pitchers have an ERA of 5.40 each.
Jon Lackey has an ERA of 22.09....22.09 ERA? How can any Red Sox fan not be worried our second pitcher has an ERA of 22.09??

All I am saying is that there is def a reason for concern, not panic, but concern!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome back baseball?

That was the worst opening series of baseball that I have seen from the Red Sox ever. Ouch. Lets break it down

10 Homeruns allowed over three nights
26 runs allowed over three games

Hopefully just coincidence that the pitchers have allowed 10 hr over three games. If not he better get his head in the game.

Adrian Gonzalez:
.385 batting average
5 hits over 3 games
1 stolen base

David Ortiz
.333 Batting average
2 Hr (the first two games!)
4 RBI's

Dustin Pedroia
Able to walk and seems to show no ill effect from injury

Take heart Red Sox nation, after starting 0-3, getting outscored 21-6 the 1998 New York Yankees went 114-44 to win the world series