Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How can you not be worried?

So I don't really understand why people are not worried with a 0-5 start for the Red Sox this season. Now granted it isn't the end of the world, thats not what I am saying. Nor does a 0-5 start mean that the Red Sox will not do fantastic this year. But at any point in the year if the sox went into a 0-5 slide, including 2 losses to the sickening bad Cleveland Indians, people would be up in arms.

The fact that none of our starting pitchers have made it through a game (even a short 4-5 innings) without letting up at least 3 runs. That doesn't concern anyone? Why doesn't that concern anyone??

37 runs have been scored against us
Our two best starting pitchers have an ERA of 5.40 each.
Jon Lackey has an ERA of 22.09....22.09 ERA? How can any Red Sox fan not be worried our second pitcher has an ERA of 22.09??

All I am saying is that there is def a reason for concern, not panic, but concern!!

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