Monday, February 28, 2011

Last WW1 vet dies....

Last US World War I vet dies....In itself this is a sad statement, but when you think of it from higher up its kind of crazy.

That means there are 0 veterans from the US side of WWI. No one to remember and retell anything of the things that happened then. Then it gets me thinking that WW2 wasn't that much after WW1. WW2 was my generations grandparents, many of whom are still around and kicking today. However it won't be long before we are mourning the passing of the "Great generation". Just kind of makes you think

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Really South Dakota...really?!

Are you serious?

The above article is about a bill about to go through the South Dakota house that would make it legal for a family member to kill a doctor who performs an abortion. And they are going to include that in the mercy killing law??

I am not arguing the merits of pro life vs. pro choice in this post (that one can be later). This is a matter of a state trying to make something illegal that they do not have a constitutional right to make legal.

I have two major problems with this legislation (and a host of other problems)

First off Abortion is legal. Under federal mandate, and upheld time and again by the US Supreme Court, abortion is legal. I don't give a damn what your opinion on abortion is, at this moment abortion is legal. It's not a new law, its a law that has been in effect for a while now. As a state South Dakota doesn't have the legal right to make abortion a crime. I mean South Dakota isn't a country, its a state that must follow federal law.

Second off you are going to include this in a mercy killing law? You are going to lump murdering innocent doctors that are doing a legal procedure on adult woman in with someone that kills a gunman in a crowd to protect the public? It's not like abortion doctors ride into town and give all the woman abortions. This is a LEGAL procedure that a woman must seek out and elects to do.

Who the hell do you think you are South Dakota? Let me remind you who you are, you are one of the states in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I am all for states rights, but this is not a matter of states rights. You are trying to put people in danger by authorizing state run killings of abortion doctors. I'm sorry I thought this was America, not some crazy system where the state thinks they have the rights to kill us citizens that pose no threat to public health or safety. ]

This isn't even addressing all of the other issues that were mentioned in the article, the reading of a pro-life script before anyone is eligible for an abortion, or the fact that planned parenthood has to fly in doctors to one clinic in all of South Dakota. This is just the law point of view.

Washington needs to get off its ass now and slap South Dakota in the head. You don't have the right South Dakota. Your state has twice voted down banning abortion and you are just trying to find a way to discourage abortion. One you are going against the people the voted for you and two you are authorizing hits on law abiding citizens. Instead of worrying about all this foreign shit and Egypt and other countries issues this is what Washington needs to look at. The rights of the US citizen and South Dakota 's police state move to put out hits on US Citizens.

Go fuck yourself South Dakota.