Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anti Bullying

This post refers back to my post on zero- tolerance. In this article it speaks about how anti-bullying legislation is under review in both the senate and the house limiting bullying. Although I agree with the fact that bullying is (and always will be) an issue the second you pull law in it becomes more than an issue.

If legislation is passed that means it is law. The second something turns into law then (in reality) it is zero tolerance. Yes it is up to the district attorney on whether they want to press charges, but from the schools point of view it is zero tolerance.

This is going to turn into something like you son called my son a name so now he is expelled and may face criminal prosecution? That is ridiculous, but that is the only way schools can operate. They cannot go against federal legislation limiting bullying. By taking the power away from the schools the government is essentially saying that bullying is now a crime. Bullying is part of life, life is not always a good thing. In fact if life is always a good thing then you are screwed because you have zero idea how to react when something bad happens. To think that something like bullying is being encroached upon by the federal government is sickening.

Here is a thought, pay attention to your kids! I know that is not going to solve all the bullying issues, but sometimes its YOUR kids fault, not the other kid. People voting for this bill are essentially trying to pull ranks on parents and schools on how to deal with issues. Bullying is such a wide term that to legislate it is going to do more harm than good. Would it do good? Yes, but I don't want my kid going to court or the police station because they get in a fight with someone. Fights happen, bullying happens. This is going to take out the common sense factor that schools have now (not that they use is) to punish children as they see fit.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

zero tolerance

Read this

I actually laughed out loud when I first read this article. I completely agree with the point that there is no reason for a girl to get arrested because she wrote something on a desk. I think that in itself is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. The thing that made me laugh was that the people who are now outraged at this are the same people that pushed so hard for zero tolerance or completely shat on schools when something happened that they felt should have been forseen.

The whole idea of zero tolerance is pretty simple. These are the rules, if you break them (no matter how small the thing is) you broke them and you have to face a penalty. The thought that zero tolerance works for common sense is a silly thought, you make zero tolerance rules so that common sense (in fact thinking at all) doesn't come into play. Zero tolerance is taking things out of the hands of those who would have made the decisions before (in this case teachers).

I have a split thought on zero tolerance rules such as this. On the one hand I am a very literal person, you broke the rule you pay the price. That being said I think that me being a common sense person wins out in this case. The zero tolerance rules need to be taken out of use and the teachers (in this case) need to be trained on how to react to these types of situations to best represent the opinions of the school administration. The issue with this type of training is that it impossible to teach common sense. That's something that people have to learn on their own. Maybe a clear cut policy and the option to call in an administrator, department head, etc would work best?

I guess really what I think should happen is that, instead of adding all these zero tolerance rules, reduce the amount of rules you have for more quality rules and training for teachers and administrators so that they can properly enforce the rules. This goes the same for laws. Stop adding stupid laws and make the laws we have better. (what I am thinking of specifically in the case of law is stop locking up people for doing drugs(hurting themselves) and give harsher sentences to violent offenders (hurting others)) I know thats a lot of () sorry about that!

I will leave you with this quote from the above article
"There is zero intelligence when you start applying zero tolerance across the board," he said. "Stupid and ridiculous things start happening."


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So I have finally hit the part of every winter that I start getting a little moody wishing for spring. Some would call that SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, I call it tired of being stuck inside when the outside is cold and dark. I don't think it needs a name it just stinks.

That being said I have decided to write a post about the thing that makes me most happy (except of course for MF who kicks natures ass) Nature. The outdoors has always been a big part of my life. I did boy scouts and cub scouts and all that fun stuff, but I also have my place in Maine. My place in Maine is my refuge, probably my most favorite place in the world. I love it when we have massive amounts of people up there for a real party and all that, but I love it most when its a couple people and I can just get outside.

This is a picture from the winter. I have to find a good summer picture and put it up.

Fishing is the time when I feel the most relaxed. I can get away from everything and just sit on a brook and fish. Although of course I would like to catch something, I don't really care if I do or not. This time also gives me the ability to reflect back on the great things about my life. Its easy to focus on the crappy parts, but sometimes its tough to really get a grasp on all the great things in life. My favorite spot is a nice little log bridge over a small brook in backwoods Maine...glorious.

My favorite fishing spot (left)

It makes me excited when it gets to this time of year and I know that sometime in the next 2-3 months the snow will be gone and I will be able to once more sally forth into the great unknown of Andover Maine with my two favorite girls (MF and Maddie) and just relax :)

Cant believe I didn't bring this up!

Ok so this will be a short post, but I cant believe I didn't bring this up when I first heard about it. A Boston woman recently sued her realtor for not stating that the person below the condo she was thinking about buying smoked. She sued him for $405,000. The woman had been in the condo on multiple occasions and smelt smoke, but still bought it anyway. Despite the fact that personal freedoms are going to hell in this country it is still a condo owners right to smoke in their own condo. If this woman had an issue she should have gone to the condo owner. In this case she did and the owner reiterated that he was following all building codes and regulations.

I found out today that this woman lost! It was not the decision I thought was going to come from this case and I am very happy at the Suffolk District Court members who reached this decision in less than an hour.

This is America! People are allowed to smoke in their own homes. IF you dont like it dont live there.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

its not a sex addiction...its called cheating on your wife!

So I was reading a story on Tiger Woods and his sex "addiction" Pretty much the story said that sex addition is this huge thing that people don't understand, but its a disease that needs to be treated. BULL CRAP. Look everything isn't a disease. Becoming addicted to something (cigarettes, crack, sex, the internet etc...) is not a disease. Lets get that straight right now. Now that doesn't mean that I dont think the body is a powerful force to be reckoned with when it comes to addiction. If your body becomes used to something and it wants to continue getting that something its going to try its darnedest. But if you want to you can beat addiction. Some people need medicine, but some people don't and there is the distinguishing factor. Addiction can be defeated solely with free will. That to me isnt a disease or a condition. Its a lack of that free will to take the step to stop what you are doing.

I lived with a hard core alcoholic for the majority of my life and it was the most annoying thing knowing that he could stop drinking for long periods of time but always started up again. Dude if you want to stop then stop....it really is as simple as that. Again not saying the act is simple, but its a matter of knowing what you want and going and getting it. Take some responsibility for yourself and your body and make the change that you want.

So this brings me back to Tiger. A sex addict...are you serious? Watch this...ready im gonna make the problem disappear... keep it in your pants!! Wow look at that, I solved your problem! The thought that someone is so taken by the thought of sex that it drives them to just hump everything that moves is silly to me, but i will buy it. What I can't buy is that happening,but someone having enough sense to cover it up or lie about it. Thats not a sex addiction.. its called cheating on your wife.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Military families

So I read this article this morning

The article is all about a woman who doesn't report to get shipped out because she has no one to take care of her child. I think thats a perfectly acceptable way of thinking, but it should lead to a court marshall for being AWOL. However in this story it doesn't, she is discharged. It doesn't state whether its an honorable or dishonorable discharge, but that scares me. This woman was AWOL. She is pretty much abandoning her post in the military, why can she just walk away from that. They used to send people to jail for that stuff! (which they should)

Yes as a mother (or father either way) the right decision for your family is to stay and take care of them. In that case do not join the military. When you join you have to sign a contract, a military Form D-A 53-05, which dictates you must maintain a family care plan. This means that, in case you need to get shipping out, your children and any other family issues and the way you want them handled are identified. This woman didn't do that, instead she took all of the training and pay that the US military gave her and then when it came time to do her duty (and her job) she wouldn't go.

That really bothers me. I think in this case there should have been a Court Marshall or something like that for breach of duty. You cant just take pay (tax payer money) and be there until its inconvenient or scary for you. Your getting paid to do the job so freaking do it.

Although this is not rendering yourself unfit for duty I can't help but think of the ruling that woman and men would be held accountable if they got pregnant (or someone else pregnant) in war zones and whether that is an allowable rule. I think thats a military rule, but shouldn't hold any criminal charges. Dock of pay and some sort of either demotion or discharge is in order. I mean the Army is a job not something you can dictate to. You are getting paid to do this so just go do it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why now?

So I was wondering this morning why it is that I have gotten into blogging now, while most other did this 3 or 4 years ago?

Mostly I suppose its because I have a little bit more time. When I was in school (especially as an upperclassman) I was always doing things up on the 03 deck or playing Frisbee or something like that.

I kind of wish that I had gotten more into this while in school (when I had a couple friends who blogged and would actually read mine) It is an interesting place to get points across or to start discussion. Plus its fun to read and write here when I am a bit bored at work or have a spare moment.

For some reason it really seems to help me not get so angry at things to just dump it on a page. I dont edit or really watch my words or anything like that and its really nice to just put it out there.

So anyone (other than CO, Delia and Meg) blog? If so let me know so I can follow you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Right to bear arms

Ok first off I would like to disclaim this story by saying that maybe the police had a reason for doing what they did in the following story. Now please read this

The man had no criminal record and had a valid license to carry (and for all those that don't know that means he had a valid license to conceal and carry. In MA it is illegal to have your gun visible to the public, even with a valid gun license.) What right does the police have to go in and arrest this man? Now again the news story may be leaving out something (maybe he had weapons that were illegal in MA) but that is against the law. If you have a license and the correct permits to have weapons it is not illegal to 20 of them and "stockpile" rounds. That is perfectly within this mans rights.

Now I am not even talking about the second amendment right to bear arms. I think that is so badly followed by the government that it sickens me. I am talking about the local and state legislation regarding gun control. If you are following the law the police have no right to enter your home. Nor do they have any right to enter your home on heresy either.(so far as I know) So even if this guy had an illegal gun and someone told the police about it it isn't allowed for the police to enter the house. Its called innocent until proven guilty and unlawful search and seizure.

Yes I understand they had a search warrant, but I don't think that the search warrant should have been issued on the grounds of him stockpiling weapons. You have a gun permit you are allowed to stockpile weapons.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are your serious?? Didn't they see those movies??

Ok everyone so first read this article

Did they not see the Terminator movies?? Yes I realize that those are not real movies before anyone gets all worked up. I am quite aware, but the concept is quite real. Obviously form this article they are making robots to be more and more human. I mean the more and more human you get the more and more you get towards the thing that makes a living organism different from a machine, self awareness. If we keep programming things to be more human, eventually thats bound to happen!

Everyone can laugh, but I know that I am vamping up my contingency plan in case something catastrophic happens....and just in case that fails I am going to have to start vamping up an arsenal/survival gear.

Stupid machines!