Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Right to bear arms

Ok first off I would like to disclaim this story by saying that maybe the police had a reason for doing what they did in the following story. Now please read this

The man had no criminal record and had a valid license to carry (and for all those that don't know that means he had a valid license to conceal and carry. In MA it is illegal to have your gun visible to the public, even with a valid gun license.) What right does the police have to go in and arrest this man? Now again the news story may be leaving out something (maybe he had weapons that were illegal in MA) but that is against the law. If you have a license and the correct permits to have weapons it is not illegal to 20 of them and "stockpile" rounds. That is perfectly within this mans rights.

Now I am not even talking about the second amendment right to bear arms. I think that is so badly followed by the government that it sickens me. I am talking about the local and state legislation regarding gun control. If you are following the law the police have no right to enter your home. Nor do they have any right to enter your home on heresy either.(so far as I know) So even if this guy had an illegal gun and someone told the police about it it isn't allowed for the police to enter the house. Its called innocent until proven guilty and unlawful search and seizure.

Yes I understand they had a search warrant, but I don't think that the search warrant should have been issued on the grounds of him stockpiling weapons. You have a gun permit you are allowed to stockpile weapons.

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