Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Captains log...stardate 10-11-11

So I have been horrible about updating either of my blogs lately and I have decided to give everyone an update on all of the stuff that has been going on in my life, hopefully this gets the creative juices flowing.

As many readers know MW and I had our little boy on 29 August of this year.  Little JW is doing very well, getting big, and keeping his parents on their toes.  It has been an interesting view into something that is completely different than the way we had been living our lives before.  Its has had it's difficult times, but overall it is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.  Everyone is healthy and happy (although I think MW could do with some more nap time during the day!)Below is a picture!

(Don't worry I will include some more pictures as time goes on.  Also this was 100% him putting his finger like that)

Less than a month later my Dad died suddenly.  Luckily he had gotten to see JW before he died, but there were never any pictures taken, nor did he hold the little guy.

I am not overly emotional to begin with, but Dad dying put me in sort of an odd spot with a lot of people I feel like.  Many people know the history between my dad and I, but for you that don't it was not the greatest.  He was a drunk who didn't take the good care of my family and forced me to jump into the adult roll well before I needed to.  I am not to upset about this as I have turned into someone that I am proud of and I wouldn't be where I was without those experiences.    I made my peace with him long ago, so I can say that he went out with us as friends. However I became the next of kin and executor of the estate when he died.  Technically my brother is next of kin as well, but has taken zero interest in anything.  I am not ashamed to say that I hate this job, my father left me with zero and I am expected to take care of all his affairs....yea sure I will get right on that.

Needless to say the last two months have been very busy and I have been horrible about updating my blog.  I want to do this much more, so hopefully I can pull out a couple of posts a week.  I will continue the political aspects of this blog and its great history of hating stupid will be carried on!

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