Monday, March 1, 2010

So you want to talk to a person?...that will be five dollars please

Read this

This is the beginning of the end I think. People keep laughing at me at work because I am convinced machines are going to start taking over the world, but here is some proof. They are going to start charging a five dollar fee to talk to a person at the RMV. A 5 DOLLAR FEE...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They want to discourage people from going to the RMV branches, step one on the path to a completely online country...Two words for you.... fuck no.

As many of you know I always have a survival team rattling around in my head. Obviously it is made up of my friends and family, but it details what jobs I think people would be most good at. I am now taking all applications for my team... please include your name, viable skills and job you think you would excel at (including secluded housing, cooking, first aid, etc.) That way once the world is taken over by said machines(starting with the computers at the registry of motor vehicles)we will be prepared to carry on the human race.

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