Friday, March 12, 2010

Survival, stupid and the human race

Ok so I know that I haven't written in a while, I have just been very busy and have not had the chance to.

This entry is about something near and dear to my heart...stupid. I hate stupid. I hate stupid more than anything else in the entire world. Now that is not to say that I hate people if they doing something stupid, or if they make a mistake, or if they act stupid. I am talking about the deep down stupid that can only be represented by things like the following

-People on Jersey shore
-The fact that a pair of jeans can cost upwards of 50 dollars despite the fact the material, labor and transportation couldn't equal more than 10-15 dollars.
-People who can't make up their mind no matter how much thought is put into it. SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT
-People who try and influence others with lies
-Baby Boomers ( yea I said it. And no I do not think that all baby boomers are stupid or evil, but i do think that their generation has set us back)
-The human race

Ok the last one needs some explanation. I do not dislike the human race ( I used to but thats a different post). In fact, through talk with MF and the Varnsi, I have grown to respect the risk and reward of a species that is not adapted to fit anywhere well. Have you ever thought that thought? Humans are adapted to live everywhere somewhat well, but no where very well. Well I digress

The stupid in the human race is evident more now than it has been in the past because of one thing, our ability to adapt. It is what makes us a unique species,but its also what makes us a scourge on the earth. Now this isn't some crunchy hippie shit either. I dont think that we could destroy the Earth is we tried, life always finds a way (to quote Jurassic park)I am talking in the fact that we are using our cognitive abilities to do all of these things to "help" mankind and are no longer in natural balance with the environment. Through medicine and technology mankind can defeat many of the things that once kept our population in check; disease, wild animals, weather etc.

Now I think this is starting to change. Everyone has noticed the increased amount of natural disasters in the world. The severity and frequency of these events seem to so much more. Now some would say that this is due to news and the advanced ability to report, which I partly agree with. That being said nature recognizes the fact that humans, as a species, cannot be supported. The increase in natural disasters, disease (every kind of flu known to man) and increased violence due to people is natures way of trying to get our population back in check. I really am convinced of it.

Now everyone knows about my survival team, but in case you don't lets talk about it. In my mind I always have a running tally of what I would do should the world resort back to the wild. Lets say a terminator-esque type situation occurred. What would I bring, where would I go, who would I go with? Now many would think of the obvious, food and water. And yes I agree that these are two things that are necessary, but I suggest looking at the people around you for your most valuable assets. Yes water and food are good, but anything that you can store will be done within 10 years (lets be realistic) We do not have the ability to carry years and year and years worth of food that would give us the nutrition we need to survive. That problem can be solved by the type of people you bring. Bring smart people that can improvise. Bring people that have skills and leave those behind that do not. Bring both woman and men because otherwise your group will not survive (there is a reason we are both here). So I know invite you all to help me out. What other traits are necessary? What priorities do you think should be at the top?

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