Monday, January 25, 2010

Disjointed thoughts of the seasons

So this is the first time this year that I have been hit with a little bit of the winter blues. Usually I have a miserable tie in the winter, all the dark and all that, but this year I only just had my first thought of "Gosh I wish it was summer". I am very excited about that.

That being said I am looking forward to the warmer weather. I really want to get up to Maine (they are doing work on it now, so as soon as I can I will be up there) I love being able to walk around not in a bulky jacket and I love having it be sunny all the time! I also always think of summer as a time to really hang out with people. Yes you can def hang out with people during the winter (I do almost every weekend), but I feel like activities are severely limited in the winter. A good summer BBQ is just what we need.

That being said I always find that the winter is a very interesting time to reflect on what is going on inside of my brain. During the summer things are always moving and I feel like I can always run around outside or do whatever, during the winter there is a lot more sitting inside and turning inwards.

That being said this is my winter thoughts on myself and life.

1. I really miss school, but not as much as I used to
This one needs some major clarification. Yes I miss the people of course, but I also miss the availability. It was very easy to just run up to the 03 deck and get some 4/C together to play some frisbee or something like that. There was so much talking at things like lunch or study hours that I miss the massive amount of people and the huge difference in how they think. I think that this has been less so this year because of the great group of friends that I have now. Of course I have two of my longest and best friends (Greg and Ash) but this year has brought a plethora of others, all from different back grounds and with different ways of thinking (I am not going to name you all, but you know who you are.) It has also helped that some of these great people are at work so I get to see them during the day and have a little break from my data manipulation

2. I have turned into a lazy slob
Ok so not exactly a slob, but I have gotten very lazy. I used to be active all the time, but now I haven't played frisbee or gone for a run in a don't know how long. That is ending this week, today is the first day of running and working out again. Anyone who wants to play frisbee, run, or do anything at all physical or outside please let me know, its always fun with a buddy.

3. I need to continue things
I have always been one of those people who start things and then stop. Writing, camping, guitar have all been things that I absolutely love to do, but for some reason don't do them. I think this links back to the above and I just need to get off my ass and do them. Anyone have a guitar tuner?

4. I need a hobby
So I think this also links to numbers 2 and 3, but I want to get into something and do it as a hobby. I have guitar (which I really want to get into again), but I feel like having something to occupy my mind(instead of TV) would be really good. I know that a few people have done genealogy, maybe thats something I could try. Or I could continue my shot glass collection and actually hang them up and display them, instead of just leaving them in my closet. Thoughts?

So this isn't all that goes on in my head, but a short glimpse of the major things that have been in my head lately. If anyone has any comments/hobbies or anything else def let me know! Comments are encouraged!


  1. 1. I will be active with you, I do not know how to played frisbee (I mean other than just tossing it back and forth) and I would be up for something new. I would go running with you, but I absolutely hate running, unless there is a purpose behind it (ie. running from a rabid dog or playing basketball). Speaking of, I used to shoot hoops a lot and thought about doing that more often. So if you are up for being more active, I could be down to be your active buddy!!

    2. I dont have a hobby either... I have wanted to get into something, but really dont know what I want to get into. I used to camp and fish a lot but since getting older, havent really done so. I have started getting into photography, which kind of goes along with camping a little bit. I would recommend genealogy, it is a lot of fun when you find different pieces of your family history, like you are illegile aliens from Germany! ha

    I guess give me a ring, we should go camping sometime when it gets nicer and in the mean time we will be active doing something.

  2. Yea we def all want to go camping (all being Ash, Greg, Meg and I) so we will def give you a ring. As for fishing I happen to get two new fishing poles for Christmas to supplement the poles we have in maine so we need to get back up there and make some casts.