Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So it always amazes me how linked music and the brain is. As I was doing my ironing this morning I listened to music on shuffle, its kind of become a morning ritual for me. You hear so many different songs, its a great start to the day. This morning three Foo Fighters songs came on and I was amazed at the different memories that popped up with each song. One brought me back to Roger Williams and hanging in Stonewall with Greg and Steve. Another brought me back to the days of TRL on MTV and watching the video for the first time and thinking it was pretty cool. It just amazes me that your brain locks things away like that and a simple song can bring back a flood of ideas/memories.

That being said I want to get back into guitar. Anyone have guitar tuner? OR for that matter anyone have an electric guitar I can buy? I think that my acoustic is on its way out, but I have to go back and try, its been so long.

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