Thursday, January 14, 2010

You are responsible for your own entertainment

I got this title, as any Mass Maritime grad knows, from Capt. Murphy. Being a youngie in Capt. Murphy's class was always an interesting time and I learned quite a bit, but this is what stuck with me.

While reading/watching/listening to the news I see a lot of people who don't follow this basic rule. Now before anyone gets worked up and says that I dont want to help people that need it blah blah lets get something straight. I am all for humanitarian aid and for helping out in natural disasters (such as Haiti right now) The issue I am having is more on the fact that no one is responsible for what they do and everyone expects someone (the government or just another person) to come take care of their issue. And that also doesn't mean money, sometimes it's the fact that blame needs to be assigned.

I read an article today about a mother whos 17 year old daughter drank a whole bunch of booze, got drunk, and ended up face down in a swamp. Drowned, very sad. The issue I have is then the mother then sues her daugheters friends who were at the party, the person who bought the alcohol, the person who supplied said bought alcohol, a mom who knew that drinking was going on and probably EVERYONE else in the immediate area for wrongful death. The death of a daughter must be a very sad thing and near impossible to cope with, but you want to ruin the lives of 8 other people because your daughter did something dumb? Yes the person who bought and supplied the alcohol and the mother who let the drinking go on are not the brightest bulbs. They lacked all common sense in letting this girl wander off and die. That being said they are not responsible for her death, she is. The girl decided to drink herself silly, wander off and then passed out.

Now I am not condoning anyones actions, in fact I think that the friends were scumbags for letting her go off on her own, I mean she flat out stated she was leaving and her friends thought it was funny. Stupid people, but it's not their fault its the dead girls fault.

I think this is a major issue in the world now, the lack of responsibility. Nothing that you do is your fault, its always someone else's fault. Its the person who sold you the drugs, its the person who sold you alcohol when you were under age.... no its not! It's your own damn fault!

Another example of people not taking responsibility is advertising. This is a little different than my above point because its people pressing an idea on me. Can they do it? Absolutely thats free speech baby. Can I say how much is pisses me off? Absolutely thats free speech baby!

So with that said Truth commercials (those annoying smoking commercials) shut up. I do not care about your wants and needs. If people want to smoke, drink, do drugs, or whatever to themselves then friggin let them. Don't annoy me by blaming government for letting people be dumb and kill themselves. You are responsible for your own entertainment.... worry about that..... I can take care of myself thanks

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  1. Chris - point one completely agree with the "its your own fault" The mother should not be filing a lawsuit against all those people. Point blank she is an idiot.

    truth commercials - don't let CO see that...his company does the Truth commercials! I think they are funny though.