Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It always fascinates me when I dream. I know very little about what actually goes on in your dreams, but you have to wonder why you mind puts certain things together and makes those things into a story. And you also have to wonder why have nightmares? Do they serve a purpose or is it just coincidence that they are scary or whatever?

It also makes me think of how advanced a system our brain is. To think that our entire body, both our voluntary and involuntary systems, is being run all the time by our brain is almost unfathomable. It always makes me think just how interesting an adaptation a brain is. The only advantage I can see that our relatively weak body and our strong brains is the ability to not be limited to one environment. For a long time I thought that was kind of silly since, without technology, we are completely helpless. I am getting more and more into MF's camp of our evolution being technology. Just a thought

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