Thursday, January 21, 2010

If you break the law you aren't a victim, you are a criminal

Ok so click here and read this story. Why are the two students who robbed a student the victims here? It doesn't matter what they stole, they took something that didn't belong to them. I am glad that this kids chances of joining the Marine Corp are "dim" I hope they are NILL. The law is very black and white about things like this. If you take something that isn't yours that is called stealing. You know that when you are a high school sophomore so don't whine about it when you get caught and tried.

This goes back to the idea of responsibility. Why are so many kids now playing the victims when they are actually breaking the law? Because they can get away with it. People (especially parents) often times don't want their child in jail, regardless of what they have done. Well that makes perfect sense, but its not the parents decision it's the legal systems. The whole reason we have that is to cut out issues like this. The law says one thing, if you go against what that one thing said you are guilty and go to jail. Severity is taken into account, but just because something is small doesn't mean its anymore legal. Theft under 500$ is still theft whether the item cost $499 or $0.01.

It sickens me that the news reports things like this. The kid broke the law. He is 16 thats plenty old enough to know right from wrong. He should get in trouble the same way an 18 year old would.

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