Friday, October 8, 2010

Why would you trust your children to an 11 year old?

Check this out

Putting the fact that she killed a baby aside why would you ever trust an 11 year old to watch a child. Ok so before anyone gets worked up and starts saying that they were babysitters at 11 I am not saying that it's an 11 year olds fault for not having the skills to babysit. I am sure there are plenty of 11-15 year olds (my sister in law LF is one of them) who do very well watching children. But think of it from the mindset of an 11 year old. To do that I will pose a scenario

Lets say that you are an 11 year old babysitter watching a 2 year old (like in the above scenario). Lets say that said 2 year old is running around and falls. Lets say they had something in their mouth. Now all of a sudden a fall is a very seriously thing that many (not all) 11 year olds aren't capable of handing. I think i would be ok at 11, but I am not even that sure of that.

Interestingly I discussed this thought with BQ and she mentioned that she took a baby sitter class before her parents allowed her to babysit. Fantastic idea! At least that way they will have a basic knowledge of first aid, CPR and many other emergency situations.

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