Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sure it may be a right, but personally you suck

I was reading this story on CNN today and it got me thinking. It is absolutely the Boy Scouts of America's right as an organization to not allow gays to be in it. Just like they should be allowed to exclude any other person because its a private organization. That being said what does that prove?

As a former Boy Scout who was very active throughout my time it sickens me that the BSA is going to take this stand. You are required to get 3 separate citizenship badges in Boy Scouts in order to rise in rank. How is it being a good citizen to hate someone because they are gay? If anything they should be encouraging people from every aspect to join. The more variety that is allowed in Boy Scouts the more the scouts will learn.

And its not a matter of someone teaching "gay" thought either. No BSA leader should be bringing in their personal views to try and change the way a kid thinks. You are there to teach them how to be a good person and how to camp. If you hate black, do it on your own time. If you hump goats, do it on your own time. Continue the rule that you must have at least two adults at all time. It's not like gay's are going to rape boys more than straights, its the rape part thats the issue not the penis loving part. Don't allow rapists, do your background check and let gays in. Where is the issue?

The point is for kids to have fun and learn there things. As long as that happens I don't see why someone being gay should prevent them from helping kids.

This is not a political post, but more of a social post. I think the BSA should be allowed to exclude gays, I just don't think they should.

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