Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pictures of Maine

Ok so this post is a bunch of pictures of Maine! This is something I talked about in a post a long time ago. But I miss Maine a lot, especially at this time of year. The above picture is the closest I could get to a fall picture of the Cabin. For some reason I don't know where a lot of my Maine pictures are so I will do my best and get more pictures later. This Cabin has been my refuge for my entire life. Below are a couple of pictures of my favorite places/times/events in Maine

This is Lovejoy bridge. Although I haven't really started fishing or swimming here until the last couple years it has always been the quintesential Maine thing. I mean come on a covered bridge from like 100 years ago? Bad ass. Below and to the right is me fishing below the bridge.

To the right is a picture of my favorite fishing spot, Black brook. This particular spot is called the log bridge. At some point in the last 60 or so years a logger laid two large tree trunks across the brook, making it easy to fish the entire brook. The area around is overgrown and a little tougher fishing, but this log allows for a lazy day sitting and relaxing. On this particular day of fishing it happened to be pouring and four brave souls (myself, MW, MC and JB) braved it to have our 14 dollars worth of fun. It is always well worth it, even if you don't catch a thing.

The best part of the cabin is obviously being up there with a group of people that you love. Everyone around a fire with some beverages.....can't beat it. I will get some more pictures and update more about Maine later on

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