Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank God I have my frog

So the wedding has, of course, added extra stress to MF and my day. Actually not so much the wedding just certain childish events/people (who will remain nameless) That being said it brings me back to my last post....I forgot my bag of rocks. So the day when I need to calm down and have a little nature, I forget them. Luckily for me I also bought a small frog made of Amazonite from South America. This little frog makes me happy and gives me a place to focus my energy a bit. I find the best way to calm down a bit is to pick up the frog and really just study it and let me head relax a bit. Am I turning into some occult/new age crazy person?? I dont think I am, but stay tuned...

Below is a picture of my little stone frog, I am now fielding name ideas for said frog

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