Monday, September 20, 2010

T-Minus 110 Hours

So I think I can officially name this the home stretch now. On Saturday 25 September I will be getting married! It has been a very long ride, but it has also been a very informative one. I wanted to put out a couple of tips that I have learned through this process for anyone who is thinking about getting married.

1)Stick to your budget and be greedy.
Remember that it's YOUR wedding. It's not your mom's, sisters, brothers, aunt or friends. That doesn't mean neglect them, but if you really like something and they don't then fuck them and get it if its in your budget.

2)The price of everything is at least doubled when you say the word wedding.
Expect it.

3)People who say its all about you very rarely mean it.
Through this process we have only had about 4 or 5 people that have said its your wedding and meant it. I feel like we may be a bit lucky in this respect because we have such fantastic friends. Remember your family may love you but they also love themselves (no matter how cool they seem)

4)Be careful who you put in your party
Not going to lie this is one of the most important. Remember that these are the people who are your special forces/shock troops. Use them!! That's one of the things I wish I had done more. Instead we tried to do everything ourselves and the wedding party sat in standby, we should have utilized them!!

5)Weddings bring out the worst in family
The ABSOLUTE worse. You are going to get to see a look into the very fires of your families badness. They may be sweet and caring, but say wedding and it's like calling forth a demon that has no intention of being your cuddly friend.

The most important thing to do is remember why you are getting married. For us we were engaged for two years, a long time when you think about it. If anything our relationship has broadened and gotten stronger over time for one reason, we remembered that the wedding was about love. Take weekends off from wedding planning. Support your significant other (whether you agree or not) Talk to each other as much as possible. That's the most important part of a wedding.

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