Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I would do in a Zombie invasion

So MW and I have been watching The Walking Dead and I have decided that the people who are writing the shows are probably close to the way people would actually react in a zombie apocalypse type of situation. This is causing me distress. I know that humans are animals that thrive on routine, but the thought that humans would just fall back into the social norms of every day life after a zombie invasion is just crazy.

In the show a medium sized group of survivors (from what I can see probably 6 guys, 6 woman and like 4 children) are trying to get through the zombie apocalypse. They seem to have fallen into gender driven roles (the woman clean and cook/ the men hunt and protect the group) Some of the woman are the show are clearly upset that the men hang around while the woman do nothing (understandable) Some of the men clearly do very little/nothing/dangerous stuff and don't help with anything (stupid people)

At this point it hit me. This particular group of people are just taking in random refugees? Why does that make sense. To me this is rule number one of survival. The social norms no longer apply, you need to look after your self and your loved ones.

In the show there is a guy who beats his wife and does no work to assist the group. Why would you allow him into this group? Just because he is a human doesn't mean he is going to assist you in surviving. If he/her isnt going to assist you then they can jog on. If the person reacts violently, than you must resort to violence or flee. This isn't down town Beverly man, this is survival.

The show also has two crazy guys that seem to have no want with people. Well then why the heck are they on the team? If that kind of situation you need people that will do work. not someone who will stand on a building starting fights.

Now thats also not to say that you need to like everyone in the group. So long as everyone is pulling their weight then that's what counts. If they aren't pulling their weight you have two options; leave or make them leave.

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