Friday, November 5, 2010

65 red roses....kind of an eye opening experience/ Hope

So MW posted a link on her twitter the other day that really gave me a kind of eye opening experience. The link was a news story on someone named Eva Markvoort. Eva was a 25 year old Canadian woman with Cystic Fibroses who live blogged her time leading up to a double lung transplant, her time after the surgery, her bodies eventual rejection of the transplant, and her eventual death.

Now I don't think of myself as someone who is easily taken aback or drawn into something, but this girls story just fascinated me. It also opened up a little more information in my eyes as to why someone would like blog/tweet a significant thing in their life, such as dying. This girls story has stuck with me now for three days and is really one of those things that remind you, no matter how bad things get, hope is still there.

This leads me to something that has always fascinated me about younger people, hope. MW and I were talking about this while watching the hockey game the other day, it seems so easy for children and younger people to have hope. We talked about the fact that a 40 year old who loses a limb often is depressed and has a huge issue adjusting (if they ever do). Why is it that a child of 4 or 5 can have a horrible thing happen to them and retain so much hope. It's a question that is very fascinating to me and I'm not sure I quite have an answer.

So keep hope my friends... its one of the most important things we as humans have.

I leave you with a quote that many of you will appreciate. We all know that I am a bit apprehensive about machines taking over one day. Maybe its the lack of hope and compassion that makes me the most nervous. I know this has been a bit of a disjointed post, but it's the end of the day Friday. I really encourage people to read Eva's story, if anything it's a story that will open your eyes a bit.

I leave you with this scene from I Robot

"Susan Calvin: What happened to you?
Detective Del Spooner: Headed back to the station. Normal day, normal life. The driver of a semi fell asleep at the wheel. Average guy, wife and kids, working a double. *Not* the devil. The car he hit, the driver's name was Harold Lloyd. Like the film star, but no relation. He was killed instantly. But his twelve-year-old was sitting in the passenger's seat. Never really met her. Can't forget her face, though. Sarah.
[fingering the necklace]
Detective Del Spooner: This was hers. She wanted to be a dentist. What the hell kind of twelve-year-old wants to be a dentist? Yeah, um... the truck smashed our cars together and pushed us into the river. You know, metal gets pretty pliable at those speeds. She's pinned, I'm pinned, the water's coming in. I'm a cop, so I know everybody's dead. Just a few minutes until we figure that out. NS4 was passing by and jumped in the river.
NS4 Robots: [from flashback] You are in danger!
Detective Del Spooner: [from flashback] Save her!
NS4 Robots: [from flashback] You are in danger!
Detective Del Spooner: [from flashback] Save her! Save the girl!
Detective Del Spooner: But it didn't. Saved me.
Susan Calvin: The robot's brain is a difference engine. It's reading vital signs. It must have done...
Detective Del Spooner: It did. I was the logical choice. It calculated that I had a 45% chance of survival. Sarah only had an 11% chance. That was somebody's baby. 11% is more than enough. A human being would've known that. Robots,
[indicating his heart]
Detective Del Spooner: nothing here, just lights and clockwork. Go ahead, you trust 'em if you want to."

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