Thursday, November 18, 2010

Relax...your fine

So I had anew experience today, of which I am very glad. Usually when I get upset or annoyed about something I let it kind of run me for a bit. A good mood can go to a very bad mood quickly and it has always been very difficult for me to break out of that bad mood. Today I broke myself out of such a mood rather quickly, maybe 10 minutes.

I just stopped and took a second and it made all the difference. My mind can usually come up with things very quickly and my biggest problem when I get upset is that I don't slow my mind down at all. It jumps from one thing to the other, always getting more and more pissed off. Today I interrupted my mind by forcing it to focus on one thing, my little stone frog that I keep on my desk. By allowing it only to focus on the little frog my anger dissipated.

I took a deep breath and moved on. Sure I am still pissed off about some stuff, but it's nice to not get controlled by that anger.


  1. I'm always amazed at how effective that technique is for you. Makes me jealous.

  2. That's because you can never concentrate on one thing, remember super computer and Apple 2 E