Friday, August 20, 2010

So what if you deaf your still a theif

Ok as many of you know I think that the whole PC movement is the worst thing that has ever happened in human society. No I am not saying that being PC is the worst thing a person can do so don't get all worked up. However as a society PC is what's going to cause us to collapse (that is if the machines don't get to us first.)
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First of all the response by Forever 21 was fantastic, the security guard didn't follow protocol so he is already suspended.That right there (and any further court proceedings due to the violence of the guard is a different story.) What does this guy being deaf have to do with anything. They didn't tackle him because he was deaf, they tackled him because he fucking stole shit. The fact that he is deaf shouldn't even have been mentioned in this story. Being deaf shouldn't afford you any different rights then anyone else. I mean how is this story about a deaf guy and not about the fact that people are mad a security guard at the mall tackled someone? I dont give a shit if your gay, black, white, middle easter, Australian or have no legs. It doesn't make you special or anything, you are just like every other person. So if you steal shit then you should pay for it.

"An advocacy group for the deaf wants the clothing store chain to train workers to be more sensitive to hearing-impaired customers.
"We're making sure that it won't happen again," said Patricia Hughes, CEO of the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD)."
That statement right there says it all. Be more sensitive? The mother fucker stole shit. Its not an issue of him being deaf, he broke the law.
Stupid PC

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