Friday, August 20, 2010

The R-word...what are you four?

The R-word

It seems ridiculous to me that we have to a point where we can't even mention the words that people find offensive. Now we have to say things like the C-word, N-word, and the R-word. Well I got a word for all of you, the F word. Fuck you guys

It sickens me that effectively words are being outlawed. Outlawed words, this is America for God sake! We have something called freedom of speech, remember that little amendment? I am not saying that you have to use a word if you don't like it, but if you can not even say that word ever then I have no respect for you. If Jennifer Aniston uses the word retarded then its her own choice. I think that I should able to call people cunt the same way others use dick. I don't because it offends people, I sicken even myself.

This is America and we have a law against totalitarian bull crap like outlawing words. No there isn't a law out there that outlaws them, but I am worried thats the next step. People need to mind their own business and live life, don't concern themselves with what others think. They can think whatever they want so the pressure that is exerted on people to think and say what society wants is just horrible.

MF and I have had this discussion before and I know that many don't consider this outlawing of a word. Which is true in the strictest sense, but it scares me that could be the next step, so I feel I need to put it out there now.

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