Monday, August 30, 2010

Banning of novelty lighters will not reduce the novelty of fire

Ok so today I read that Massachusetts has banned novelty lighters.

A novelty lighter is a lighter that is made to look like something else, a truck, a Christmas tree, a smurf, etc. I understand why this rule was made, they look like toys and kids like to play with toys. Kid plays with lighters, lighter set kids on fire, kid is injured or worse. However this legislation will not do anything to change the amount of fires caused by children playing with lighters and matches. This is just another perfect example of the state stepping in when its an issue with the parents/adults in these situations. Why is your kid able to get a hold of a lighter, whether it look like a smurf or a lighter? That is the issue here, adults responsibility. It's not the manufactures fault that irresponsible people leave lighters around for children to play with. As long as the exists then fires like this will happen.

Unfortunately there is no real way to solve this issue. Instead of recognizing that fact the state of Massachusetts besides it needs to tell law abiding intelligent citizens that they cannot own these types of things because so people act irresponsible with them. Are you serious? This is one of the huge problems with this state. The people who are getting punished by this law are not the ones who are causing the problems. The ones causing the problems will just continue to do so with lighters and matches, are we going to ban them next? How about shovels? For that matter what about steak knives, fork, spoons, toothbrushes, electricity, pools, dogs, cats, bears, cars, trucks, streets, buckets that can fill with water, glass, shoe laces, hand sanitizer, cleaning products (just to name a few.) These are things that you can die from due to negligence. Its not the lighters fault, the guns fault, Ben Franklin's fault, or Henry Fords fault, its the people who are negligent and leave these potentially dangerous things around for children to play with. Grow a set and take responsibility for child proofing your house from all of the above.

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