Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Does it seem like the word raid is getting thrown around a lot lately?

So I would like to start off by saying I am neither against or for the occupy wallstreet movement.  I think its great that people are protesting things that they believe in, but I feel a little bit like they are protesting too broad a range of ideas to really make a change.  Regardless of that there is a very troubling trend regarding the occupy wallstreet movement.....raids

It is becoming more and more troublesome to hear that raids are being carried out across countries.  Raids on law abiding citizens.  Some would argue that they are not law abiding due to the fact that  they do not have the proper permits and things of that nature, which I would grant you.  However there is a huge difference between a law breaker and someone who doesn't get the correct permit.  The majority of these people are not criminals, and yet are being pepper sprayed and arrested.....

This is the United States of America people!  We are entitled to protest under our constitution.  Public land is just that, public.   Why are people being pepper sprayed and beaten?  I don't care how much they piss you off, there is no reason to take those kinds of extreme actions.

And for those of you that are thinking I am anti-police you are dead wrong.  As a first responder I understand that those responding are under a huge amount of stress, however police are not above the law.  If a cop beats a protester its still assault and battery.  I don't understand this free pass to pepper spray/beat people.  Police can use force if necessary to remove someone that is breaking the law, pepper spraying someone at a sit in is NOT the use of force if necessary.

Raids are scary to me.  Its one thing to disperse a crowd, but a whole other thing to raid and arrest 150 people because you don't like the fact they don't have a permit/are ruining the grass.  This is the US not some dictatorship that raids people.  Police, state and local politicians do your jobs, but you do not have the authority to conduct raids on the people of the United States!

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