Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hard alcohol at a Red Sox game!? I am in!

While reading today I ran across this article on the Red Sox wanting to expand hard alcohol availability at Fenway. The story itself is rather tame, with the usual things happening. The Red Sox saying yes, the police saying it would be a threat to safety. I understand both stand points on this, although I doubt there would be any visible difference at Fenway if they served hard alcohol. It's not like they limit the amount of beer you drink or anything. To me this would be great because it means I would actually have something to drink at the Sox game.

The thing that really got to me was the comments. There are so many that talk about the fact that hard alochol gives you a different kind of buzz and how it would turn Fenway into less of a family friendly environment. First off alcohol is alcohol, if you drink enough of it you will still get closed. Second of all have these people been to Fenway in the last 10 years? It's been quite a long time since Fenway was a family friendly environment. There are always nasty drunks, slobbery drunks, slutty drunk, clueless drunk and every other kind of drunk at the game. So why not make a little bit more money and let those who can't or don't drink beer partake. I mean the Garden has bars that serve hard alcohol, where is the problem.

This got me thinking and I think I have isolated the problem. Any guesses? Thats right its responsibilities. When you actually read what people are saying its all about the fact that the populace can't be trusted with hard alcohol. Somehow its the alcohols fault? I mean look this is basic personal responsibility. Do you think that people are going to get more drunk because they can buy hard alcohol, they will just buy 5 more beers because they are cheaper and reach the same affect. But that's ok because hard liquor is evil, beer is only kinda bad. Stupid bastards.

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