Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seriously? You are the President!

Are you serious?
Alright this is just plain crazy. President Obama has led the presidential race in times appearing on prime time cable shows; Jay Leno, David Lettermen, ESPN (for the dumb college basketball bracket)and now The View. Dude you are the President, not some kind of ridiculous TV celeb. You are supposed to be controlling the most powerful military in the world. You could be helping with the crippling economic issues so many people are having right now, or maybe trying to help out with the current job market since college grads are coming out with no job and 100 k in debt. But no you decide to go on The View.
I understand the thought behind it. Touching base with a group who you haven't touched base with. As one of the comments on the bottom of the stories says the group that watches the view doesn't necessarily watch CSPAN. That being said thats what you have a press group for. The presidents job is to get things going, not go on TV. So far he has gotten nothing done on some of the most important issues, but goes on TV. Stop going on TV and do work. Try spending the time you would be on the View balancing the budget or some other activity that I deem a bit more important than what Whoopi and Barbara have to say.

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