Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hi America remember me....the citizen?

Ok so I found this article on CNN earlier today

Why are we doing joint military drills with S.Korea. What happens between North and South Korea isn't our problem. So now we are saying to the N. Koreans that we are activly preparing for war. Dude we need to worry about us...the United States. Forget Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran etc. We need to pull in and protect our own borders. We have people illegally entering the country and a lack of man power to preven this, but we have two wars going and are doing drills in the faces of another country that hates us? Dude come on. We need to worry about us. If people believe in the UN and all this stuff then they should be handling the S/N korea issue...not the United States alone.

But lets go a step further back from this. How much does a war cost? How much money are we spending in Iraq and Afghanistan right now that could be used to help American jobs or to help American infrastructure? And you are going to waste more money to send out troops to another place to fight in another war that the people involved dont want us in? Well fuck them, let them fix their problems and we can worry about our problems.

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