Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A few facts

I do not update nearly enough.  Usually I only update if some political story happens to piss me off at the time, but I would really like to use this blog more as an outlet for all sections of my life, not just politics.  So lets lighten the mood with a little bit about me (not going to lie I stole this from a post that my friend The Sailing Foodie did a while ago)

I am married to a wonderful woman, have an awesome son (JW) and a slightly slow, but adorable black lab maddie

I love camping and the outdoors, but do not get out nearly enough.  Especially now that JW is born the outdoor time has been suffereing.  However now that he is getting bigger hopefully we will be able to get up to my favorite vacation spot.....Maine
My family has a small one room log cabin up there and if I could I would probably spend my entire life up there ( Somehow I don't think MW would appreciate that.)

Now some random facts...
1. I have been in three separate musicals and love to sing
2. I have a fascination with the lighting in restaurants, some seems to have way to many different types of lights to make ordering simple.
3. I work as the environmental coordinator for CSL International, currently collecting environmental data from 30 ocean going ships and 2 floating transshipment platforms
4. I went to a military-ish school and I am not ashamed to say that I miss it.
5. My car/house is always ready for an emergency (anything from a skinned knee up to the zombie apocalypse)
6. I have another blog where I chronicle being a new dad because I noticed the distinct lack of information for new dads online.
7. I am a libertarian.  No not a republican who wants to change their name, a true libertarian.  Small government involvement in everything, especially someones private rights.  Equal rights for all and a tax code that makes sense would make we wicked happy.
8. I am from right north of Boston (if the wicked didn't give it away) and I love New England!

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