Friday, January 21, 2011

See I told you I would be just took some stupid and an elephant

Hi all!
I told you I would be back and what finally made the writers block go away you ask? Thats right stupid!

The above story is very sad for the trainer, but the line that caught my attention is this
"Edie the African elephant will not be disciplined or punished for an incident that resulted in the death of a handler"

What do you mean disciplined or punished? Its an Elephant, not a 9year old that caught sneaking cookies! What are you going to do to punish it, it lives in a cage for goodness sake. Are you going to beat it or something like that? I mean what the F?

So I am pretty excited to get back into the flow of blogging. This month has really been tough for me to get into the flow. Needless to say the snow falling now and the lack of motivation at work is helping write a bit.

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