Friday, April 9, 2010

Supreme Court justice retiring....third story??

So today it was announced that Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens will be retiring at the end of this current court session. This is not a liberal or conservative view on the high court, but why is this the third story on the Boston Globe?? This is a man that has had a personal hand in shaping the way that the legal system of the United States operates. This should be the biggest story in any news paper who's audience hasn't had a deadly shooting, fire or natural disaster today.

The fact the Deval Patrick says the adults failed Phoebe Prince is not as important as this. Neither is the routine Jonathan Papelbon follows before a game.

Local news media get off your ass and cover the real news. Whoever takes Justice Stevens place WILL help shape the way laws are enforced and that should be #1 99% of the time. Period

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